Harlow Fixture Exchange
This is a free fixture exchange provided by Harlow Rugby Club and EssexRugby for clubs in Essex and neighbouring counties.
To be sure of finding us in future
The link from the home page on the Harlow Rugby Club site www.harlow-rugby.co.uk will always point to the latest version of the exchange. We suggest you bookmark that address and if you have difficulty please follow that route. There is also a link from the Essex RFU site which is always updated to point to the latest version of the exchange.
Delete your request when you have found a game

The system now allows you to delete a fixture request once you have found a game. Please use this facility as it makes searching quicker and easier for other users.

You should receive an email with delete instructions when you submit a new request. If you have any questions please email me at press@harlow-rugby.co.uk
If you do not receive an email with delete instructions it may be because your spam filter is blocking it. Try adding the address from which the emails are sent fixtures@harlow-rugby.co.uk to your addressbook.
Dave Sharp

Harlow Club Badge The fixture exchange is divided into three parts. Please select the one you require.

Senior Mens Fixture ExchangeUse this exchange for all senior mens matches. Ladies and Girls Fixture ExchangeUse this exchange for senior ladies games and for girls in the under 13 to under 18 groups Colts,Youth and Mini Fixture ExchangeUse this exchange for boys teams from under 13 to colts (Under 19) and for Mini/Midi teams About This Fixture Exchange Use this link to find aout more about how this exchange was created and how it works

Mini/Midi rugby is included in the youth exchange. Please tell the person who organises mini rugby in your club. If there is sufficient demand we will add a new exchange specifically for mini rugby

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